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What is a financial coach and how can one help me?

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

This is a big question I get, both from people in my personal life and with my clients. People are naturally hesitant. The word "coach" makes many people think of multi-level marketing. It can also be used freely by anyone. For example, anyone could just declare themselves a nutrition coach with no education or credentials.

I'm going to break down how I practice as a financial coach, yet not all coaches practice this way. It'll give you an idea of red flags when comparing coaches to hire.

  1. I'm a fiduciary, and follow the code of ethics from the AFCPE (Association for Financial Counseling & Planning Education). A fiduciary is a person (or company) ethically and lawfully required to act sensibly and fairly on your behalf, particularly when it comes to managing your finances. I must act in your best interest. That means I won't sell you extras like insurance policies or loans.

  2. I'm transparent with my fees. Once you've been through an initial consult, you'll receive the price of the package that fits best for your situation. You have the option to add more sessions, but these prices are always provided up front and do not change during your package term.

  3. My services are affordable. Financial advisors can have net worth requirements to receive advisement services (some require $250,000 net worth minimum). I have no income or net worth requirements, and love working with clients who have a variety of financial concerns.

  4. I'm an accountability partner. When you work with a coach, you have someone to hold you accountable. My packages consist of several sessions to go over your financial goals, current situation, and problem areas. We work on those together, and I can offer ideas you may not have considered. I track your progress and we celebrate your victories!

  5. I don't just help with budgeting. Have a system that works for you? Great! Not all clients need help in this area. We can plan to pay off your debt, break the paycheck-to-paycheck cycle or look at how to fund that career transition or baby that's on the way. Coaching is tailored uniquely to you.

Want to learn if financial coaching would help your situation? Book a free 30 minute consultation and let's chat.

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