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Guest Writer: "Looking for a Path to Change?"

Leann is an awesome coach in my community, and I'm so glad she was willing to write a guest post for me! If you've read my story, you know that I took a drastic jump. That would not have been possible without hiring a career coach. I still talk to my coach regularly as I navigate life as a business owner. Read her story and consider hiring a career coach if you can resonate with either of our stories. I can help you find room in the budget for those services. Without further ado, here's Leann!

Covid 19 and overwhelm provided time for people to fully consider if their current

occupation is in line with their values, and if it is still serving a purpose in their


For me, the pandemic was a wake-up call that I was definitely not in alignment

with my values and that working like a dog was no longer serving my purpose. I

was working in the legal field when the pandemic hit and shut down most

everything. Unfortunately for the staff at the law firm where I was working, it

didn’t mean we would be working from home, it was completely the opposite. We

were forced to continue working as before. The strain, stress, fear, uncertainty, and

self-judgment were part of what led to my overwhelm, anxiety, depression, and

panic. Also at the same time, the firm accepted 15 cases, all active litigation and

we were expected to be on our A-game. I was not, not just because of the

overwhelm but also because these cases caused a trauma trigger I was unable to

handle. I requested accommodation and was denied. The work needed to be done

and I was told to deal with it. “It’s just a motion”, or “It’s just a hearing”, in these

cases, they were far from “just” anything. I wasn’t sleeping, I was crying all the

time, nauseous all the time, and headaches, memory loss, and brain fog were


I quit twice and let guilt and self-judgment pull me right back until one day I found

myself on the floor of my cubicle fearing all of my case binders were going to fall

on me. I quit that day, that was June of 2021. I had been a legal assistant, paralegal

and office manager for 13 years but when I finally realized I wasn’t living into my

values and what I truly wanted in life, was I able to make the leap without regret. I

realized that what I thought I would be doing, helping people, was not what I was

doing. I worked in defense, defense is a mix of defending people’s behaviors and

mitigating their damages. Ugly! I realized this job was sucking every bit of light

and happiness right out of me. When I was hired one of the partners commented

that I was like sunshine. I was until I wasn’t. You wouldn’t even recognize me

when I left, I allowed them to extinguish my light.

Now there was nothing holding me back from creating the new life I wanted. I

want to help people, and now more than ever, I want to provide people with a

roadmap for taking control of their lives and making space for what’s new.

That job that you walk into where there is a pit in your stomach, when all you do is

gripe to your friends and family about how miserable you are. That is your energy being depleted by negative thoughts, by the voices in your head telling you that

you can’t leave and, you have bills, kids, and responsibilities. Don’t waste another

year spinning in the energy vortex, your body knows, and your spirit knows. I

didn’t only do this once, I changed careers in my 30’s after a long career in

accounting. I went to college and obtained an associate's degree and bachelor's

degree and changed careers just like that. Was it easy, no, but I did it.

Let Go

You have held on to things that are no longer serving you, holding on for dear life

to what you already know, uncertainty, discomfort, and guilt. I had achieved

financial success, I was making the most money I have ever made but it came at a

cost. Another thing I realized through all of this is that my financial success

achievement didn’t equal love or acceptance. I was disconnected from my family

and friends, I didn’t have time to enjoy life, I just worked and worked. Money

doesn’t buy happiness.

As a Certified Health and Life coach I also coach people on their relationships,

their spirituality, and their careers. Usually when people are off in one area of life,

they are off in most or all areas of life.

I changed my focus from what was holding me back to what is the BEST thing that

could happen? If I could do one thing that I knew I couldn’t fail, what would it be?

And most importantly, it’s not about you, it’s about the impact you are about to

make. For the first time in my life, I am living for my passion, not my obligation.

Through coaching, I help people transform fear and access their truth, and embody

their personal power to go forth into the world to create the career that they want. I

guide them to discover their life purpose, to discover which areas in their career are

calling to be nourished. I teach skills and provide tools to help people de-stress so

they can access more creativity and ideas that can help move them forward, I

empower them to ask for what they want and get it. I will support and cheer them

on and stretch them out of their comfort zone while challenging them to get


Don’t limit yourself to a dollar amount, dream huge.

Why is transition so hard? Are you holding on to a dream life but stuck in

uncertainty? Do you need a path for change? A roadmap to help you identify what

you want and how-to get there? I am here to inspire people to step into full

alignment in every area of life with who they want to be. Holding on to the old

keeps you stuck. Stop prolonging the pain. Have a dream and every day show up

and do one thing that will take you closer to achieving the career you want. I am

meant for more, and so are you.

To learn more about Leann and her services, visit her website:

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