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Grocery Budget Challenge

Do you know how much you spend on groceries each month? Could you give me an actual number? Thanks to my budgeting software YNAB, I know that I averaged $389.83 per month for my household. That feeds myself and my toddler (who basically lives off of microwaved kids food, so she's cheap). I don't include dining out in this number, just what I spend at the grocery store. My personal goal is to tackle that restaurant budget, because that number is out of hand 😳 Yep, I may be a financial coach but I'm not perfect.

Four years ago, I was spending way too much on food. My husband I would go to the grocery store without telling one another and have a full pantry and fridge. Yet we still threw out food and ate at restaurants WAY too often. We weren't communicating about our purchases, and often had duplicates. So the Grocery Budget Challenge was born to challenge myself, and I wasn't planning to share it. Then, everyone who saw my fridge started asking how they could save money as well. Now, I love using this tool when a client is struggling to find extra money in other areas of the budget.

It has been such a useful tool that I still use it to hold myself accountable. You can purchase the set here or get it for FREE by subscribing to my emails this month. Check out the video above to get a preview of the document I created. I've refined the design and process over the years to help you stop wasting money and food. A little bit of planning and awareness goes a long way.

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